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Lift and Lay Moves

This terminology is used when companies have to move their furniture because they are having new carpet installed.  The lift system was developed more than 12 years ago and has been used by many major corporations.  It is primarily used when the company owns modular furniture work stations.  The lift system utilizes a hydraulic lift and is tailor-made to use with today’s modular office systems and self adhesive carpet tile.

The benefit of using the lift system is it minimizes the amount the employees have to pack.  Normally, the employees will just need to pack personal items and overhead bins.  They will need to disconnect office equipment.  There is no need to pack contents of the work stations, disassemble or reassemble the furniture, or worry about any wiring or cabling.  This eliminates the need for multiple contractors that ordinarily would be needed for furniture disassembly and reassembly and phone/computer/data companies.

Normally the carpet layers can install approximately 1200 to 1400 square feet per day.  Because of this, a plan is determined and the carpet installers color code a print of the floor showing what areas will be replaced each evening.  All scheduling can be tailored to best fit the needs and business requirements.   To minimize disruption, the lift service is normally done in the evening, although it can be performed during the day if the space is unoccupied.

To help ensure a successful renovation, architects, designers and facility managers can think ahead by specifying office furniture that is compatible for use with lift systems.

As a recap, according to Intertech Flooring, the modern lift system office moving project is as follows:

  1. Schedule job.
  2. Secure personal belongings or breakables.
  3. Vertically lift furniture systems in place.
  4. Remove carpet and install new carpet.
  5. Lower furniture back into place.
  6. Check all electrical and phone connections.
  7. Commence normal occupant working process.

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