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Computer Services

The members of CRN support customer IT staffs during office moves, server migrations and other projects, with white glove handling of sensitive electronics, ranging from mainframe servers to personal computers. When it comes to office relocation, we know that even the smallest computer can contain vital information that’s crucial to your business. That’s why we’ve employed a team of business movers who are experts at handling everything from laptops to moving huge data centers.

We know exactly what we’re doing, so you don’t have to worry about the details. Our office relocation team carefully and efficiently moves all of your electronics, always putting precision first. Nobody else can move your sensitive electronics faster and with greater care than our specialists.

Contact CRN to help with your office relocation and to quickly get back to business.

Services include:

  • PC & Server Moves (Disco/Reco)
  • Managed moves of PC workstations, PC peripherals, IP phones, printer stations
  • Server Prep/Packing
  • Specialized Crating and Palletizing for Servers, Racks, Mainframes, and more

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