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About The Commercial Relocation Network

The Commercial Relocation Network is an educational organization whose members represent many of the largest office and industrial relocation companies in North America. The process involved in a relocation professional becoming a member of CRN is exceedingly stringent. Members maintain a commitment to sharing and trustworthiness as well as participating in learning events to help them stay at the forefront of relocation topics, techniques and technologies. Customers who work with CRN members benefit from their expertise.

Member Spotlight


The 35 + years I have spent in the moving and storage industry has provided me a "hands on" understanding of commercial office moving, logistics and warehousing. Clients tell me that I have a great understanding of logistics and that I mitigate the stresses imposed on individuals and companies.


Jim is a Senior VP at Clancy Relocation & Logistics.  Jim joined Clancy in 1988 while he was a student and returned as a sales and marketing professional in 2003. Today, Jim manages several large clients for Clancy, and oversees marketing and sales.  In 2004, Jim started a data center relocation division leaning on his previous data center industry experience.  In 2005, Jim helped start a franchise location for Go Mini’s Moving and Portable Storage and oversees one of Go Mini’s largest franchise locations.  Jim’s career has involved him in international shipping and logistics, critical IT projects and numerous other aspects of Clancy’s expansion. Jim has been a member of CRN since 2006 and is currently on CRN’s board of directors.  Jim values CRN for being dedicated to education and the closely held sharing of best practices amongst its members.


Dennis has been working within the Clancy organizations for more than 11 years. He has served in every facet of the moving industry and has excelled throughout. Through his vigorous studies, Dennis has not only earned 3 degrees of higher education, but has his international certification in project management through the Project Management Institute. His dedication and flexibility coupled with his knowledge and experience make him an integral part of the organization and its successful partnerships with many of NYC ’s elite institutions.

Why CRN for your next move?

The Commercial Relocation Network is a membership organization made up of the largest and most successful office and industrial relocation companies in the country. The group is administered by an executive committee of industry professionals dedicated to having only the “Best in Class” service providers involved in the group. We are truly the BEST commercial relocation company available in your market.

CRN has Expertise, Integrity and Access

CRN is fully aware that our customers don’t have time for a learning curve—our years of experience and wisdom will serve you well during this stressful time. We have a commitment to service, which fuels our success, and we consistently deliver quality results, time after time. The CRN network will provide you, the customer, direct access to the “best in class” provider, and the finest commercial relocation service providers in the country. Our services offered include moving, installation, warehousing and storage, packing, computer services and recycling and disposal services. Contact CRN today to make your next move professional, easy and quick.

From Our Customers

“When asked by a commercial client; as we often are, for a mover referral it’s easy to know that a great place to start is with the group that makes up the CRN network. The first thing that comes to mind when referring a CRN member is confidence and reliability.”
Written by: Mel, Rentacrate
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