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  • 02/07/2012 12:00 AM | Deleted user

    If you are planning to move your household goods, you can generally look in your local phone book and find a reputable moving company. Although this type of move is somewhat specialized, household moving is not overly complicated. Commercial moving companies offer far more specialized services and have employees that have been properly trained as well as the appropriate equipment and vehicles to make the move go smoothly.

    Using a Referral Service to Find the Best Commercial Moving Companies

    The easiest way to find commercial moving companies that you will be able to rely on is to use a referral service. At Office Moving CRN we have created a network of companies listed according to their locations, the services they offer and their quality of workmanship. Each company we have in our network has been thoroughly checked out to ensure that they meet the highest standards of workmanship and are fully insured and bonded.

  • 02/06/2012 12:01 AM | Deleted user

    Very few people really like the thought of being transferred to another branch of the company they work for. In many cases this means having to move across the country and finding a new home to move into.  If you are the person who is in charge of arranging these transfers for your company, you can ease the stress by providing those that are being transferred with corporate moving services that will take care of everything

    You May Get a Better Rate Using Corporate Moving Services

    Just like normal household moving companies, corporate moving services can help move one or more of your employees to their new location. The big difference is likely to be the cost, especially if you make use of them on a frequent basis and often for more than one person at a time, as you may find that are going to get a much better rate than you would if you were to hire the average household moving company. We are here to help you find the right moving service to take care of your employees.

  • 02/03/2012 12:05 AM | Deleted user

    Moving your office into a new building is likely to be a major undertaking. The more people on your staff the more complex the move is going to be. If you want to save time, money and frayed nerves, you should think about hiring an office moving company to do the work. You might think you are saving money by renting a truck and having your office staff do the work, but stop for a moment and consider this.

    An Office Moving Company Can Stop People from Getting Hurt

    If anyone gets hurt, your insurance will be paying for it and you are going to be without them until they are released to go back to work. It will take significantly longer for inexperience people to make the move and you are going to lose business. The professional office moving company has the skills, the personnel and the equipment to get the job done without anyone getting hurt or leaving your offices closed for too long. We are here to help you find the right office moving company to complete your move.

  • 02/02/2012 12:06 AM | Deleted user

    If you are ready to move your company to a new location, you should plan on using the services of professional commercial relocation services to make sure the job is done right. This is not something that you should ask your employees to handle. Keep in mind however, just because a company claims to be a commercial moving company does not mean they are.

    Ask Each of the Commercial Relocation Service for References

    You should always ask each of the commercial relocation services you are considering for references, this will allow you to check on the quality of their workmanship. You should also ask to see their business license and proof of worker's compensation and liability insurance, if they cannot provide any of these, you should look for another company. We have many commercial relocation services available to help you with your move, all of which have been prescreened to ensure your complete satisfaction on your move.

  • 02/01/2012 12:07 AM | Deleted user

    When the time comes to move your business to a new location, you will need the services of a commercial relocation service to help you make the move. Any time you are ready to hire a moving service, there are a number of things you need to check before you hire them. The first thing that you should be looking for more than anything else is that their business licenses are current. If you their licenses are out of date, you should look for another company to use.

    Your Commercial Relocation Service Must Have All the Right Licenses

    As you are looking at the licensees for the commercial relocation service you are considering hiring, you should be looking not only for their license in the state you are currently in, they need to have a current license for the state you are moving to.. Every commercial relocation service we recommend has been thoroughly screened to ensure that they have all of the licenses needed to help you with your move.

  • 01/31/2012 12:07 AM | Deleted user

    If you think that moving your home is a big job, it pales in comparison to moving a commercial business. When you look at the quantities of equipment, files, furnishings and so forth that have to be moved, you can see that it is going to take far more organization and hard work to make sure that every aspect of the move goes smoothly. However, the hardest part of this type of move is finding a company that has the skill and manpower to handle the job.

    Look for an Experienced Commercial Moving Company

    You need to start out be looking for a commercial moving company that has experience moving your kind of business. They must have the right equipment to handle everything you need moved and warehousing to store the things you may not be taking with you. Also look for a company that can confidently give you a realistic price quote as well as a firm date for when the move will be completed so that you can get back to business.

  • 01/30/2012 12:08 AM | Deleted user

    Moving your business offices can be a very difficult and time consuming job. You might find yourself tempted to try and do it by yourself or by renting a truck and putting your employees to work. The thought being, that you are going to be saving both time and money by moving this way. The reality however, can be something completely different, which is why office moving companies tend to be very useful.

    Office Moving Companies Eliminate the Risks

    If you and your employees have no experience in moving a commercial office, you may soon find that things like tearing down your IT network can be very difficult. Should the worst happen and one of your employees get hurt you could find yourself having even bigger trouble as the longer your offices are in disarray, the more business you are losing and this is not something your company can afford to have happen. When you hire professional office moving companies, you can avoid all of this and have your new offices up and running very quickly.

  • 01/27/2012 12:09 AM | Deleted user

    When your office is the life and soul of your business and the time has finally come to move it to a new location, you cannot afford for anything bad to happen during the move. Should any equipment be lost or damaged, it could take you weeks and cost thousands of dollars to replace it. This alone should be enough to convince that office moving is a task that is best left to the pros.

    Never Let Your Employees Help with Moving the Office

    The best reason for not letting your employees handle the move is that they do not have the experience to handle moving everything without causing damage or without taking forever to make the move. Either of which can only be bad for your business. When you have a team of professionals come in to handle the job, they will handle everything with care and get the job done in excellent time for you.

  • 01/26/2012 12:10 AM | Deleted user

    There are numerous methods you can use to find the right moving company when it comes time to move your office across town into a new building. There are of course your local yellow pages where you can look for moving companies listed that can handle commercial moving. Unlike moving a home, getting your office safely moved into its new home is no easy task and requires people that have the appropriate training and experience for the job.

    An Office Moving Company is More Specialized

    What you are likely to find is that any moving company you find listed in the phone book are household moving companies. While these companies might do very well moving your household possessions, they are not what you need to move your business from one location to another. A commercial moving company has staff that can help move your computers, your heavy filing cabinets and set it all up at the other end for you.

  • 01/25/2012 12:11 AM | Deleted user

    "Having just rented a new office, I was planning to cajole the people who work for me to take care of moving everything in the office to the new location. I thought we would rent a moving truck, grab some boxes and go with it. However one of them suggested I use commercial moving services instead. Give me good reasons why I should go this route instead." This is a fairly typical response to this type of suggestion as most companies are looking for ways to save money.

    Commercial Moving Services Do It All

    One of the best reasons to hire commercial moving services is that they do it all for you. They will bring in a team of experts who will come in and pack everything including disassembling your IT network and move it to your new office damage free. Once everything is unloaded, they will unpack it all and set it up, including your network. If you try to get your employees to do all of this, you are likely to end up with a disaster on your hands.

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