What level of moving service do you need for your business relocation?

19 Nov 2012 8:54 PM | Anonymous

Movers provide many levels of service for any type of commercial relocation. The level you select depends on what move related task your company will handle on your own. Below are just a few items to think about when moving your office or business.

Packing materials & moving supplies
Your company will need to decide if you are going to provide your own packing boxes or crates. In most cases the commercial mover will have an ample supply of boxes or plastic moving crates. Moving companies packing material rates are usually very reasonably priced. Plastic moving crates are a rental item and we rent them on a per week basis. All movers provide many office moving supplies like shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, numbered security ties, tape, and many other items. Movers can also provide rental library carts if you have a large file system or library. If you have servers or a data room that is relocating we furnish special rental data carts. Your CRN (Commercial Relocation Network) representative in your respected market can help guide you on your many packing material choices.

Packing and unpacking service
These two services (packing and unpacking) can be done in several available options. Full packing and unpacking service of all areas in your current space, partial packing and unpacking of common areas, or specialty items packing and unpacking. Whether you choose to do this yourself or if you would like the moving company to perform this service is a decision that should be made prior to the move.

Disconnect and reconnect of computers and printers
IMS Relocation and other members of the CRN network have data crews that can disconnect and reconnect your electronics. Even if your company has a qualified IT department your company should consider having the mover do the disconnect and reconnect of electronics. During a move your companies IT people can be very busy setting up the new network and troubleshooting the many network associated issues that arise.

Hang wall mount artwork, mirrors, whiteboards and electronics.
On any office move you will have several rooms like conference rooms, common area halls, and individual offices that will need to have relocated items hung on the wall. You need to decide if your company will take care of that or if you would like the moving company mount the items following the relocation. Normally the mover can provide you with a quote once you provide them with the number of pieces that will need to be mounted.

Some other move related items to consider are modular furniture planning, furniture cleaning, coverage during transit, final clean-up of old space and a smooth set crew following the move.

These are just a few of the many things that need to be considered the next time your company is considering a relocation. Through IMS Relocation or any of the CRN members be assured that you have many different services available when it comes to your commercial move.

By: Chad Harris; Office and Industrial Relocation Sales at IMS Relocation.

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