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18 Dec 2012 8:26 PM | Anonymous

So you have to move your office. What do you do now? You call several companies and if you get a return call, you try to explain to them what you are trying to accomplish. The movers come out and do a walkthrough. Half of them come back with a proposal the way they see it and not necessarily the way that you will have the least amount down time for your business.

Now you are more confused because you have heard several different proposals and ideas, and you are trying to sort out what will work.

At this point most buyers start with the cheapest bid price. They forget what they are trying to accomplish. By then you are taking a huge risk by choosing the cheapest price versus loss of productivity of your business.

It is hard to put a price on good service until the company you hire doesn’t provide it. This is why if you use a Commercial Relocation Network or (CRN) representative anywhere in the country you can expect predictable, dependable service on every move. Most CRN clients care more about service than price because to them loss of productivity in their business is not an option.

No move ever goes more smoothly than it’s planned. Workplace and commercial facility moves and services that involve no delays, no problems and no down time start with exhaustively detailed planning. There’s no other way. That’s why your CRN expert is the key to your success. CRN representatives are problem avoiders, not problem solvers. They are experts in planning a seamless relocation.

To be a member of CRN you must be recommended by a current member, and you and your company must perform at the highest level to stay in the group. These are personal relationships developed over time within the group based on trust and performance. The members in the CRN group are usually the most successful companies in their respective markets. This is why it’s very important you understand what you are paying for in the move bid you have accepted.

Downtime, lost revenue, and angry bosses are just a few of the results of a poorly managed commercial move. Don’t trust your commercial relocation to just any mover. There are questions you should know the answers to before selecting a commercial mover.
Using a member of CRN means it’s a representative of a moving company that you can depend on to have the best process. You need the best people to move your organization from one location to the other with a minimum of interruption to your operation, at a cost that represents true value.

Some helpful points that you should be looking for from your moving company are:
Do you have a detailed relocation plan that outlines manpower requirements and a timing and workflow analysis needed to successfully accomplish the relocation? Successful commercial moves are about planning. If your mover can’t provide evidence of a detailed planning process, be wary.
How many relocations of this size has the company done and can they provide a list of current satisfied customers? Check their credentials!

What is your qualification process for hiring employees? See if they put new hires through drug screen tests and background checks. Companies with a rigorous qualification process hire the most competent employees.

What type of insurance coverage does your company carry? Companies who carry the maximum insurance coverage will not be a liability to your company if something were to happen on the job.

What experience do they have in handling sensitive electronic equipment, including PCs and servers? Look for companies with specific experience moving critical IT equipment.

Have them describe their experience in handling modular furniture. It takes product knowledge to efficiently break down and put up modular furniture configurations. Look for detailed responses that provide clear evidence of that knowledge.

What post-move services do they provide? Post move services are usually defined in a detailed relocation plan. Look for companies that work with you even after the move to assure that you and your employees are 100% satisfied.

Your CRN member has the experience and expertise to guide clients through the moving process with a minimum of interruption to their businesses.

“When you provide solutions, you separate yourself from everyone else out there. Experience is the key to providing the right solutions and avoiding problems on a relocation.”

THE CRN organization from top to bottom is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. When it comes to office or industrial moving, less than perfect is a failure. To reduce your risk, choose a highly experienced professional office mover from the CRN roster and let them show you the CRN difference.

Chris Hovde
Director of Commercial Sales
Daryl Flood Logistics, Austin TX
450 Airline Dr., Suite 100 Coppell, Texas 75019
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