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29 Jan 2013 8:15 PM | Anonymous

This particular Customer Chain success story all started with one phone call into our All American Relocation office just before the end of 2012. The call came from a local Construction Contractor that we have an existing relationship with. The Contractor was hired by a local Property Management company to up-fit a 40,000 sq ft space in an office building. We met with the contractor and were introduced to the Building Maintenance Supervisor.

The tenant company that occupied the space had moved a few days earlier (we did not provide that service). Because of our relationship and skill set, we were asked to quote on moving out 45 modular work stations to fully clear the space. We were also told that it needed to happen on a Saturday with only two days notice. The property managers were clueless about what to do with the 45 stations after removal so the Construction Contractor hired us to dispose of them...Win#1: Got the disposal contract. Yeah!

Our crews arrived on time Saturday morning and I got a text message from the owner of the Construction Company who informed me there was more product that had to be moved out other than the 45 stations…Win#2: More to move? Yeah! I was able to meet with them and the Property Mgmt group that morning to discuss the additional scope of work and to help formulate a plan and costs to remove the remaining product so that there was no delay in the construction schedule.

The moving company that was hired to move the office contents for the tenant was from out of state. They sent their own crews to do the job but could not finish. The property Management Company got us in contact with the tenant who was very discouraged with the performance of their moving company. After speaking with them further, we got the OK and moved the remaining items to their new location as well as provided some installation of keyboard trays, conference tables and white boards…Win #3: Do we do installation services? Yeah!

One week later the Maintenance Supervisor with the Property Mgmt Company called us to provide 5 UMC containers for storage of light fixtures in our warehouse for 4 months….Win #4: Storage too? Yeah!

The tenant (who is a nationally based company) was VERY pleased with the services we provided on the fly. They shared that they have other sites around the country that will need the same services. This is where the Commercial Relocation Network can extend the Customer Chain and strengthen your existing customer relationships. When I explained to them how CRN works they were very interested in allowing us to begin partnering with them…Win#5: More projects for us and all CRN members across the country? Yeah!

Bottom line was that we were able to create additional All American Relocation customers in the chain and other sources of revenue by taking care of their various needs. These local projects brought new visibility to CRN and hopefully will create new customers for other members of our CRN group in the near future…Yeah!

Brett Plummer

All American Relocation \ Office Solutions, North Carolina

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