The Simplest Office Moving Checklist Ever

4 Mar 2013 10:52 AM | Anonymous

When you move your office, you should have a checklist.  In most cases, the simpler the list the better it will be.  Here is what you need to know:

  1. Use a spreadsheet – you will need to use the sort function to arrange your checklist in a couple of ways.
  2. It is easiest to print the checklist and walk around checking off progress.  So make the columns all fit on one page.  Include the following:
    • Origin Location
    • Destination location (you do not necessarily need any more info than this)
    • Name  - which refers to one of several things
      • Person
      • Room i.e.: conference room, copy room
      • File drawer
  3. For a person, you might want to keep track of their computer equipment.  If a move involves a few hundred people, it is not fun having a person’s monitor or docking station end up in the lost and found area.  Those moving labels easily stick to just about anything (Except computer parts).  Add columns for the following and put in the quantity.  Use zero if they do not have the item.
    1. CPU
    2. Laptop (always have the employee be responsible for moving their own laptop)
    3. Docking station
    4. Monitor(s)
    5. Phone

    Of course there is a keyboard, mouse and some other items, but those should be packed in a keyboard bag or a box.

  4. When all is done at origin, you will do something called the walk-thru. You are going to walk around and check off that every office being moved has been picked-up by the movers.  Sort your list by origin location.  This way, you are not flipping through pages from one office to the next as you quickly go through each office to make sure the movers have not missed anything.
  5. You will do a walk-thru at destination too.  Sort by destination this time.

This is the simplest moving checklist you can have.  You can have special needs during a move requiring something more complicated.  But if not, keep it simple.  The multiple people who are monitoring progress during the move will all have an easier time of it because of a simplified checklist.

Jim Carey
Clancy Moving Systems
Patterson, NY

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