What can you do to ensure your office move is a success?

23 Oct 2013 10:43 AM | Anonymous

Whether your office is comprised of a single room or many rooms, there are plenty of things that can be done on your end to achieve a more successful move. Working with CRN should be priority number one but preparation is the most important thing you can do.

Consider taking a pre-move walkthrough of your office(s) and see if there is anything that might need special attention or handling that you would like your office movers aware of on moving day. Keep a notepad or sticky notes handy and document what’s important to you. You may even leave a sticky note on a piece of furniture or cabinet to remind yourself to share your concerns with the movers when they arrive.
Do you have pictures, posters, or whiteboards hanging on the walls? In many cases these are items that your office movers will need you to take down from the walls. If that is the case with your movers, have those items off the walls and ready to move before your movers arrive.

Are your boxes and totes properly sealed? If you equipped your office with a refrigerator, make sure it’s emptied and waterlines disconnected. Copiers may need to have ink cartridges removed before handling, and ensure your sensitive electronics are properly deactivated and ready to go.

Labels, labels, labels; make sure every item and box is labeled properly so your movers know where to put them at destination. Floor diagrams are very helpful for more accurate placement of boxes and items. These are some of things you can do to help facilitate your move. Be sure to visit CRN’s office moving checklist for more useful information.

By preparing your assets and personnel for your office move, you are ensuring a more efficient and successful move. A move with minimal surprises and downtime will help get you and your offices back up and in business faster.

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