How to Make Your Office Move Smooth and Stress Free

5 Nov 2013 10:38 AM | Anonymous

Whether you’re moving because business is skyrocketing or simply to have a new location, there’s going to be a bit of stress and hassle throughout the process.  But, you can minimize their impact by thinking ahead a little.

By taking these steps, you can make your move as smooth as possible:

Make a Thorough Checklist

As you start looking for new space, start planning out the entire move step-by-step.  As you progress through the process, make sure you update your checklist and remain in close communication with all vendors and key internal personnel.

Streamline Your Furniture and Inventory

Moving is the perfect time to unload some of that extra stuff your business no longer needs.  Just like you streamline your processes for maximum efficiency, streamline your physical inventory.  It will be that much less to move around and track later on.  If you haven’t used it in six months, donate it or sell it.

Hire the Most Reputable Vendors

The more straightforward a vendor’s process is, the easier the process will be.  One party may be cheaper than another, but then they may charge you more down the road.  The vendor who has the most straightforward approach, even though they might cost more, will be well worth the cost over the long haul.

Set Up Necessary Services

Get in touch with your service providers as soon as you have a new location picked out.  This is for everyone from your phone service provider to the company that delivers your water.  The more notice you provide the less there will be to worry about as your move date approaches.

Map Out the New Location

Make sure you know how to access your new location with ease.  Make sure your employees and customers can navigate to and through your new office with ease.

Consider Data Centers/Co-Location

Rather than moving your powerful servers with you, consider keeping them at a data center.  This can also keep your long-term IT costs down.

If you need help with an office move, make sure you contact the Commercial Relocation Network at 1-866-714-0111.

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