Make Sure Your Workstation Fits Your Office Move

14 Nov 2013 10:33 AM | Anonymous

Your company is about to go through an office move and that means you’ll be assigned a new workstation or office at destination. Do you know if everything in your current workspace will fit into your new one? You might have a large desk or even one with a credenza. Perhaps you have a small conference table for two to three people in your work setting. There are filing cabinets, mini fridges, printer stands, and more that can often be overlooked when moving to a new workstation or office.

Make your move easier and be sure you do your homework ahead of time. Find out if your new location will accommodate the furnishings in your current workspace. Otherwise you’ll find yourself with an over jammed workspace or items that won’t fit at destination. Consider a backup plan in case you end up in that very situation.

One sure way to find out is to look at the destination floor plan and identify your specific location. You can often find area or room measurements on the diagram and check them against your current workspace measurements. Check with you designated move coordinator from your company if you have one or contact your commercial relocation network move foreman and inquire with him or her from the start. They’ll work with you and will try to accommodate your specific needs when it comes to making sure your items all fit at destination.

It may be that you find yourself having to make a decision about which items you’ll need most, and which items you can do without. Hopefully that won’t be the case but if it is, it’s always less stressful when you are aware of the possibility and have an alternative solution available. On a more positive note, it might a good time to inform your boss that you’ll need new office furniture.

Your commercial relocation office movers are well aware of potential obstacles you may face in your office move, and they will work with you to accommodate your needs as much as possible. The more you are prepared for your office move, the better you’ll be and the more able your office movers will be to help you.

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