5 Things to Consider When Getting and Reviewing Moving Quotes

13 Dec 2013 10:14 AM | Anonymous

Many factors affect the quoting process when you’re moving your office. CRN members all have their own quoting processes. In general, here are some of the factors that significantly affect the final quote you receive:

  1. Access to Your Buildings
    Regardless of the quote format you receive the actual moving portion of your quote is derived from the amount of hours it will take to get your items from the current location(s) to your new location. How close the trucks can park to the proper doors, how far your suite is from the doors/elevators, size and speed of elevators and whether or not the movers have to use stairs to move any of your items are all factors that impact how long it will take to complete your relocation.
  2. Additional Services
    Be sure all potential vendors receive the same information to quote on so your comparing apples to apples. All additional services such as computer disconnecting and re-connecting, packing and debris removal can be a great service and value to your organization but you want to be clear on what is and isn’t included in your quote.
  3. Distance to the New Office
    The greater the distance to your new office the longer it takes to transport your items and if you have several truckloads that time can add up to significantly impact your quote.
  4. Purging/decommissioning 
    Moving is a great time to clear your office of clutter and unnecessary documentation. When you have your move consultants out to walk your existing space be sure to point out any items you plan to discard or leave behind when you move. Your moving vendor should be able to assist you if you need to take items to a waste or recycling center pre or post move. Many CRN members can also assist with furniture liquidations if needed.
  5. Do Your Homework
    Ask for references from your prospective move vendor. Check their rating with your local BBB and look for involvement in industry groups and associations such as The Commercial Relocation Network (CRN).

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