Quick Guide to Moving Your Office

28 Feb 2014 9:43 AM | Anonymous

If you’re about to relocate your offices and are looking for a way to prepare for it, then take a moment and read through this quick and helpful guide to moving your office. You’ll quickly find out useful and easy tips for preparing the contents of your office for its relocation. Preparation leads to smooth operation and a successful moving experience.

If your office is traditionally set up with a desk, chair, computer, whiteboard, filing cabinet, and maybe a credenza than this will be a cake walk for you to prepare for moving. Even if you have a bit more furniture or electronics, the following information will help you with setting up your office for a more successful moving experience.

First thing’s first, you need to disconnect your electronics but before you do, consider taking a picture of or label your wired connections between each piece to use as a reference at destination when you need to reconnect. You’ll save time and hassle and help make things quicker to accomplish. Second, you might want to pack your desk contents separately because in many cases, your office movers will set your desk up on end in order to maneuver it out of your office. That may lead to lost contents or disorganized drawers.

If you have a whiteboard with sensitive information on it, take a picture of it because regular handling of the whiteboard during moving can lead to unintended erased information. You might also consider removing important documents from a tack board if you use one to further reduce the chance of losing information. The same applies to shelving or bookcases: if you can pack contents on shelving or bookcases, it will help make things easier for moving. Sometimes shelves cannot handle the rigors of transportation and can break under pressure or moving stress.

Filing cabinets can be locked to keep drawers from suddenly opening but make sure you don’t lose your key. You should use a keychain or simply place the key in your wallet or purse until you need it at destination. Some people may tape the key to the file cabinet but in many cases the key will fall off during handling and end up lost.

Finally, your CRN office movers are trained professionals with a high quality and standard of expertise and customer service and will do their best to ensure your belongings are handled properly and safely. Even still, it’s not too difficult for small items to end up lost or damaged when moving. Papers, small unpacked breakables, or other important items can easily end up lost. Preparation is crucial for a successful moving experience and if you follow these simple tips to move your office, you can be assured you secured a better move for yourself and your company.

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