How to Save Money When You’re Moving Your Office

24 Mar 2014 9:33 AM | Anonymous

What business wouldn’t appreciate this advice?  It’s going to be a significant expense on your budget, so you might as well figure out how to make the process as cost-efficient as possible.

If you’re getting ready to move your office, then here are some things you can do to keep the costs down:

  • Move to a more energy-efficient location.  Maybe this is one of the primary reasons you’re moving in the first place, and maybe it’s not.  But, since you are moving, make sure the new location you’re going to move to makes energy efficiency a priority.  While you’re at it, make sure the same applies to all the equipment you’re using.
  • Buy gently used office furniture.  Office furniture can be fairly expensive when brand new, so if you have a limited budget, buy used.
  • Share your new office space.  Not sure you’re going to grow all that much?  Then consider sharing new office space with another company.
  • If you’re going to grow… Make sure you have office space lined up that will accommodate that growth.  You can’t always predict growth accurately, but do remember that it’s more cost-effective to move once and stay put for several years.
  • Let employees work from home.  Not sure how much of your new office space you’ll actually use?  Agree to allow some of your employees to work from home for at least a few days per week.  If they can work from home, that’s a bonus for you and them because home-based employees are generally more productive.  It’s a good way to deal with unexpected growth as well.
  • Hire a broker to negotiate favorable lease terms.  If you’re going to move, this is one of the ways you’ll save the most money.  You have to be very careful with brokers, though, because some represent the interests of the landlord.  Make sure you find your own and that they work in your best interest.
  • Check for loans from local economic development authorities.  If you’re small and just getting on your feet, economic development organizations may have low-interest loans for companies looking to move to certain areas of the city.  Check with yours if you feel you fit this criterion.

If you follow those steps, you can lower your moving costs substantially.  Make sure you consider each carefully long before you move your business.

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