Red Flags you’re Talking to a Dishonest Moving Service

24 Mar 2014 9:23 AM | Anonymous

Time to move?  That’s good, but can you trust the moving company you’re considering?  The CRN network is made of members that are the very best in their industry, so you don’t have to worry when choosing one.

However, you might already have talked with some other moving companies and gotten a few quotes.

If you’re not sure who to trust, remember to look out for these sure signs the company you’ve talked with will cause more hassle than anything else:

  1. Quickly written quotes.  A good office mover asks many questions, and may give you a ballpark range for a quote when you first talk.  If you get anything more than that, you might be working with a dishonest moving service.  Their quote has a high chance of being inaccurate.  If the quote’s too high, you pay too much.  If it’s too low, the company works too fast and makes mistakes.
  2. They use scare tactics.  A good moving company like our CRN members gives you an honest quote after evaluating your circumstances.  If the office mover you’ve talked with tries to scare you into using their services now, you’ve most likely talked with a dishonest company.
  3. Using any other form of pressure.  A dishonest office moving company may also try to pressure you into making a decision immediately by saying their prices are going up in the next week.  Don’t buy it – that’s just another way to get you emotional and to make a decision you shouldn’t.
  4. Your gut says something isn’t right.  Your instincts are one of the best indicators of a dishonest moving company.  If you know something’s off, but can’t tell what, then that’s a sure-fire sign to pass on that moving company’s services.
  5. Did their rep arrive on time?  It’s a small thing, but if their rep didn’t arrive on time for the initial meeting, that can be a sign of things to come.
  6. They aren’t willing to set clear deadlines.  So this one falls more into the category “bad office moving company” than it does “dishonest.”  If they can’t set firm deadlines, that’s a sign they don’t have standardized processes in place to get things done.
  7. Unusual payment arrangements.  If the company you’re considering decides to use a non-standard payment method, that’s another sign something’s not quite right.

Remember, the CRN network has the best office moving companies in the nation.  You can expect to experience professional, honest service from each and every one.

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