Stop! Don’t Forget to do These 7 Things Before Moving Your Office

24 Mar 2014 9:18 AM | Anonymous

There’s so much to do when moving your office. Hopefully, you’ve thought about the whole process well ahead of time. If you have, good for you, and if you haven’t, then make sure you check this list of must-dos before moving:

1. Set Up Mail Redirection & Notify Vendors
Did you notify your clients of your change of address? Good, but you should set up mail redirection because there will always be that small percentage who forgot to make the change. Who knows how much their business could be worth to you?
Do the same for the vendors who physically deliver to your location.

2. Update Your Contact Information
Make sure you get to this one also 30 days before your move. Engage the printing company, and let them know all the materials you need updated. Internally, take care of your own letterhead and website.

3. Clean Your Old Office

Your landlord will charge you if they have to remove any of your old furniture or clean your old office space in any way. Since you don’t want to experience those charges, make sure all office furniture is removed and the space is cleaned.

4. Send Your Staff Orientation Materials

They’ll probably be able to get familiar with your new office space relatively quickly. However, you’ll also want to notify them of what local businesses are available in the area. Is there a gym, café, bar, or restaurant? Let them know what might suit their interests.

Don’t forget to collect all the old keys your staff have from your old office, and also to distribute all keys needed for the new office.

5. Transfer Your Utilities to Your New Location
Make sure you get in touch with your utility company 30 days ahead of time, or as soon as you know your exact move-in date. You don’t want any disruptions in your ability to service your customers.

6. Get a Permit If You Need to Use the Street

If you can’t park in an alley or driveway when moving in and you absolutely have to use the street, check with your local government to see if you need a permit for doing so. Some require permits for moving in this way, while others don’t. If this is necessary, the local government will also require your moving company to be fully bonded and insured.

7. Other Odds & Ends
Also, make sure you notify the landlord’s representative of how you’d like your company’s name to appear on its sign outside of the building.

If you remember these seven things, then your moving process will be much smoother.

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