Is it Time to Move to a New Office?

10 Apr 2014 9:15 AM | Anonymous

Is there ever a “perfect time” to move your office to a new location?  Probably not.  If you’re waiting for the perfect time, that probably means you’re really fearful of moving and are just delaying the move because you’re afraid of the change. However, there are some better times to move than others.  Check out this brief list of indicators that now could be a good time to consider moving your office to a new location:

  1. You’re hiring lots of new employees.  For whatever reason, hiring won’t slow down at your business.  That’s one of the best indicators of all – it means you’re making your customers happy and profitability is fairly high.
  2. There’s not enough room for your equipment. Your employees are complaining they have no place to store all their supplies.  You need to purchase new printers to accommodate your printing needs, but you have no place to put them.  Whatever the specific problems are, if you have too much stuff, then it’s probably a good time to move.
  3. You’re embarrassed to show your office space to your clients.  You started off with office space that just met your needs.  Now, you have high-profile clients visiting who give off-putting looks whenever they visit you at your office.  If you have bigger clients who expect a more professional representation of your business, then it may be time to find that space.
  4. You look at ads and see many deals being offered.  If landlords are competing intensely with one another to get new tenants, that may be a perfect time to move your office and sign a long-term lease with low rates and favorable terms.
  5. You had to layoff personnel.  If your company recently had to downsize significantly, that may also be a good (but unfortunate) time to get new office space.  Why pay for space you aren’t going to use?  Don’t jump the gun and make the move immediately, though.  This downturn may simply be temporary, and perhaps in a few months your business could be back and stronger than ever.
  6. The economy takes a down-turn.  Economic times, even when they’re going well, are uncertain.  Who knows?  The economy could take a massive nosedive tomorrow.  If the economy decides to go south, you might consider looking at more modest office space, just in case that downturn happens to affect your business.

That’s not a complete list of signs that it’s time to move your office, but it does give you an idea of some strong indicators.  Just make sure you keep them in mind as you continue to operate in your current office space.

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