How to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Customers During Your Office Move

14 Apr 2014 9:07 AM | Anonymous

It takes so much work to move your office from one location to another.  There are so many things you have to coordinate that mistakes are simply going to happen. While you may misplace inventory, not coordinate schedules properly, or have some back-and-forth with the moving company, the one thing you cannot afford to mix-up or lose during the process:  your customers. Here are some potential problems that could happen, and how to avoid them:

  1. Don’t forget to notify your customers of your move.  You’ll need some sort of coordinated campaign that you use to promote the move to your new location.  Whether that’s mail, e-mail, or word-of-mouth, make sure it happens.  A good thing to do is to hold a celebration at your new location so you can build even stronger relationships with customers.
  2. Make sure you change your address on everything.  Your website, e-mail signatures, flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead, and letters should all reflect your current location.  If your customer doesn’t hear about your move, at least they’ll logically figure it out when they see your new address.
  3. Choose a noticeable location.  If it fits within your budget, and your location is critical to how well your business performs, make sure you choose one that’s easy to find.  Don’t hide back off the main street.  If you’re in a strip mall, get a sign out on the road that’s all your own.
  4. Notify your customers as far in advance as possible, and contact them more than once.  Your customers may make their own mistakes, and they could misplace an e-mail or throw a letter in the garbage.  Contact them multiple times using different methods.  Post a banner in front of your current location.  Send them an e-mail newsletter.  Remind them when you talk in person.  The more touches, the better.
  5. Give them a discount or a special sale to commemorate your move.  When you do something special for your customers, they’re much more likely to remember you when you change locations.  Offer a 10% discount for all returning customers.  Throw in something free if you service B2B clients.

You probably will experience some customer attrition when you move to your new location.  However, if you implement these tips, you give yourself the best chance of keeping a majority of your customers.

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