Don’t Forget to Have a Plan at Destination for Your Office Move

12 May 2014 3:24 AM | Anonymous

Moving is one of those things that we all hope will go according to plan, but sometimes things can be unintentionally overlooked or even missed altogether. If you want to pre-plan your move before talking to your office movers, then don’t forget to include your destination plan. Things can go from bad to worse really fast.

One of the most important things you need to do when planning your destination is to ensure the building or offices you are moving into are going to be sufficient for your personnel and assets. If you have heavy machinery for example, you will need to figure out if the floor will support the machinery weight. Other things that can be overlooked are low ceilings, tight access to destination rooms, and inadequate space or even parking.

Some commercial relocation projects require full size tractor and trailer transport vehicles and in such a case you will need to retrieve special parking permits for both origin and destination. Otherwise your moving trucks can end up without proper access due to parked vehicles or traffic. It is highly recommended that you call your office mover and discuss your specific parking needs for both origin and destination to ensure your move out and move in days are ready to go with proper parking permits. In rare cases you may need to call your local police department and hire a police officer to manage and direct traffic for you.

You may find that planning your relocation project can be overwhelming as some often do. That’s perfectly fine and there’s no need to worry. Working with members of CRN is a solution in and of itself because CRN is comprised of the best office movers available who are equipped with the experience and knowledge to help you plan a successful whole move from beginning to end.

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