How to Pack IT Equipment for Your Move

12 May 2014 3:22 AM | Anonymous

Just a disclaimer – you can let your CRN team know you need help with this and have them do it instead.  But, if you have the resources to handle it in-house, then here’s what you do to pack your sensitive IT equipment: 1.  Backup Your Data Your IT vendor or employee should have automatic backups run all the time.  You shouldn’t need to make a backup of everything because one should already be in place.  But, it’s wise to double-check before you pack everything up, just to be safe. 2. Power Everything Down Got a backup in place?  Good.  Now it’s time to shut all your IT equipment down.  Once that’s done, first unplug all your power cables.  Then, unplug all the cables to peripheral devices.  This could be a good time to label the cables so you know which ones go where. Place all cables in the plastic bag provided by our mover, label the bag and leave it on the desk with the monitor and cpu. 3.  Do Not Pack the Hardware into a Box Once disconnected, all you need to do with cpu and monitor are put labels on them which are provided by your mover. 4.   Will You Remember how to Reassemble Your IT Equipment? If this doesn’t come natural to you or someone on your team, make sure you label everything thoroughly.  You can also take photographs during the process, or shoot a short video with your smartphone.  

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