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6 Tips for Relocating Your Data Center

05/13/2014 3:19 AM | Deleted user

If your company is large enough to have a data center, you’ve probably got a reasonably large move ahead of you.  Moving data centers is complex and must be planned carefully. What should you do to ensure a smooth move?  Pay attention to the following: 1.     Know Your Timeframe in Advance During any part of the moving process, you don’t want to be caught doing things at the last minute.  It happens at all levels – both the corporate and small business level.  Get a rough estimate of your timeframe in advance, and make sure you communicate this itinerary to your staff, vendors, and CRN team. 2.     Keep a Tight Lid on Security Some of your data is no doubt highly confidential.  The answer to the security question is to have a chain of custody in place.  This means your items are numbered and listed in a sealed container, they remain in constant possession of your CRN team, and that they arrive in the exact same condition as they were shipped.  Basically, your equipment is constantly accounted for, never leaving the attention of you or your trusted CRN team member. 3.     Can You Afford Downtime? If you have a significant amount of equipment in your data center, it will take some time to move it all to your new destination.  Can your company live with some down time?  If not, you may have to move the equipment in stages.  You might also have to use some temporary equipment until you’re all settled in your new location. 4.     Who De-Installs the Equipment from the Racks? You may or may not have to do this.  It’s really your preference.  If you do, make sure you have insurance on your equipment.  If you’re not sure whose responsibility this is, let your CRN member do the job.  It’s one of the most important during the process of moving your data center. 5.     This is a Great Time to Remove Obsolete Technology But only do it if this is in your budget.  Often times, your CRN team can take care of the disposal for you.  Be thorough, and go through your entire inventory right away. 6.     Have a Backup Plan You need to have this plan in place for many reasons.  First, you should back up all of your data before it moves.  But, in addition to that, you should be ready for some delays in the process.  Accidents happen and things don’t always work the way they should.  CRN team members get sick or have family emergencies.  Talk with your CRN team to get ideas of what you should have in place with your contingency plan. By following those tips, you’ll have a smooth data center move process.  Enjoy your new location!

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