Know What To Do Before You Move Your Offices

13 May 2014 3:00 AM | Anonymous

When you need to move your business you may be wondering where to start. Moving a business can be a big project and it’s normal to feel confused and even a little overwhelmed when starting this task. There’s no need to worry though because we’re going to help you figure out what steps you can take to begin an easier process for your move.

Begin by making a survey of what you have in your business that needs to be relocated. Make a simple list of personnel, furniture, office equipment, and machines if any. This is important to do because when you find office movers who suit your needs, they will want to have this list. Making a space or floor diagram is also very useful. You will need to know how much room you have in your new facility and also ensure everything will fit in the new space.

You can also make a list of people you will need to contact in order to prepare your personnel and equipment for your office move. For example you will most likely need an IT specialist to help with disconnecting and reconnecting your networking and computer equipment. You might even want to find and have on hand a building inspector, an electrician, or some other specialists that may fit your specific business needs. The last thing you’ll want is to be scheduled past your moving date so be sure to plan ahead.

Think about designating your own in-house move coordinator who will be responsible for helping your personnel prepare their individual offices and equipment for the move (labeling peripherals and furniture for example). This in-house move coordinator will basically be the main point of internal contact for your personnel. They can help with organizing your move by maintaining your schedule and corresponding with your office movers and their coordinator as well.

These are just a few things you can do to better prepare for your office move, but remember that when you work with office movers who are members of CRN, you work with professionals who will help you along your moving project from start to finish. That includes scheduling on onsite survey with you and creating an outline for you to have as your moving guide.

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