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Choose the Right Packers for a Safer Move

06/03/2014 2:57 AM | Deleted user

When you need to relocate your business and personnel consider hiring professional commercial relocation packers to protect and package your assets. Packing is often a task that is underestimated and can lead to delays when it comes time to move. Professional packers are organized and know how to pack efficiently and appropriately ensuring that your assets and personnel are ready to go on load day.

What items should be packed? More than you might think. Consider your computers for example; computer towers need to be handled with care and packed appropriately with cushioning to allow safe transport. Unsecured towers that lack cushioning during a move can lead to failed hard disk drives and a loss of sensitive data. It’s important that computer towers are at the very least wrapped in anti-static electronic bubble-wrap prior to handling. Once the towers are wrapped they can be loaded into computer carts or boxes for safer handling and transportation.

It is often assumed that electronic items such as printers, scanners, phones, or computer peripherals are strong enough to move without packing, or that they can be packed in a box with other items without the appropriate packing materials. This can be a costly mistake considering some of these items can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement if damaged during a move. Professional packers are trained and experienced with handling such assets and will prepare them and pack them safely saving you time and money while providing you with peace of mind.

Did you know that members of CRN are of the best in class for providing professional packing and commercial moving services? Wouldn’t you rather reduce the risk of damage to your expensive electronics and delicate equipment? Choose CRN and have your assets packed safely and appropriately prior to moving your business and you’ll be glad you did when everything is unloaded and working properly at the other end of your move.

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