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3 Tips for Keeping Your Cabling Organized

06/11/2014 2:51 AM | Deleted user

Have you organized your cabling? Some businesses do this right away with their IT equipment. Others have never done it. Whether you have or have not, check out these tips to get and keep your cabling organized: 1. Label Every Plug How much fun is it to trace every cable back to its original destination? Is that really the best use of your time? It is if you are about to label your cabling. So, label it so you know where everything goes, and so you never have to do it again. 2. Use Cord Wraps If you have cables not in use, wrap them up on a cord wrap. They’ve been around forever and come in many different colors, so you can organize your cords by type when storing them. 3. Cable Ties If you need something a little heavier duty, get cable ties to keep cables from twisting and tangling together. Best of all, they’re cheap to buy. Why Should You Organize Your Cables? If you’re not a naturally organized person, you might wonder why this is even necessary. Do the benefits of organization really outweigh the time and money you invest? They do, and here are some of those benefits: 1. Improved Safety What if someone trips and is injured? Guess who’s going to be liable! It could result in an expensive lawsuit, or at least a worker’s compensation claim. Your equipment could get damaged too. You can avoid the stress and expense included with that for just a small cost of time and money when you organize your cables. 2. Reduce Frustration & Costs If your own IT team, or if you outsource your cable maintenance to a vendor, has to spend time figuring out which cord goes where, that’s more money wasted. Why not just organize everything in the first place and make everyone’s life easier? 3. Extend Cable Life and Save Money Cords that pile up and twist and tangle together are more likely to get damaged. This may not seem like a significant expense. But, from a business perspective, you can understand why it’s helpful to save every reasonable expense you can. 4. Look Better to Visiting Clients & Communicate to Your Employees that You Care Say your clients look under your desks and see a tangled mess. It’s not the end of the world, but it gives them an idea of how you might run the rest of your company. Your employees might get the same impression. When you run your business, don’t you usually like employees who pay attention to detail? Pay attention to this detail and employees and customers will respect you more. If you follow those techniques, your cables will be better organized. Your business will also be able to serve customers better, and you’ll save some capital too. There’s really no downside to organizing your cables.

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