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6 Ways to Make Moving Your Data Center More Efficient

06/18/2014 2:50 AM | Deleted user

The bigger you are, the more difficult moving is. It’s fun being a bigger company because that means you’ve succeeded, but it brings with it some additional challenges. If you have to move because you’re growing, that’s a good thing. Here’s how to efficiently move company’s data center: 1. Work with an Experienced IT Moving Company Some movers have experience with IT moves, while others do not. Find an experienced IT moving company and check their BBB rating and any other online reviews. Talk with them to see how they move data centers. Once you’ve built a relationship with a company you trust, use their moving service. 2. Purchase New Equipment, If It Makes Sense From a purely financial perspective, sometimes it makes more sense to purchase new data center equipment than it does to move it. Audit the age and efficiency of your data center and all of its equipment before moving, and replace some of the older, inefficient equipment if you believe it makes financial sense. 3. Constantly Check to Make Sure You’re Sticking to the Plan You did create a plan for moving your data center, didn’t you? Good, but also do regular checks to make sure you’re still following the plan. During the chaos that sometimes ensues during the office moving process, it’s easy to get away from the original moving plan. 4. Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best Theoretically, a natural disaster could strike during your office move process, and all the equipment could get destroyed. What would your business do then? It’s not too likely that will happen. But if it, or something similar to it does, then you’re fully prepared for it. 5. Use Efficient Packing & Transportation Processes You may need to develop these if performing your move on your own. But, all of the CRN network members have these processes down perfectly. Believe it or not, it does take many years to get the data center moving system down to a science. 6. Assign a Single Internal Project Coordinator The more people and equipment involved in moving your data center, the more complex the move process gets. Assign a single employee to coordinate your move in conjunction with your CRN team. This gives you the best chance of having a simple, low-stress data center move. If you follow those tips, you’ll be in good shape as you move your data center. Still have questions? Contact a CRN member today.

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