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Relocate Your Company Library with CRN Library Movers

06/18/2014 2:35 AM | Deleted user

Moving a library isn’t as simple as it sounds in many cases. Libraries can involve thousands of books, documents, digital media, computer equipment and even offices. If you’re thinking about moving your company’s library, there are some important things to keep in mind before you move.

Are your tangible items organized on fixed shelving units or stored away in filing cabinets? If on shelves, moving your books and files will require special book carts or portable moving crates to transport them off the shelves from origin to destination. Be sure to convey any instructions to your office and library movers regarding special organization needs when it comes time for packing your items. Request to have extra moving labels for book carts and crates so that they can be used to inform your movers concerning loading and unloading orders if needed.

If you store your books and documents in filing cabinets than they can easily be transported without having to be removed from the cabinets. Your office movers will use special dollies to roll your cabinets from one location to the other without removing a single item from a drawer. However, you should keep your file keys with you to ensure they will be readily available at destination. Often keys end up misplaced or even damaged during a move if left in the cabinet.

When it comes to moving other library assets like computers, printers and other electronic devices, ensure you have them disconnected by a professional and ready to move. Your movers will wrap your electronic assets in industrial grade anti-static bubble wrap and then place in appropriate moving containers with padded protection for safe relocation. It’s important to have each item properly labeled as well in order to have them delivered and set up in the appropriate destination space. One way to ensure all of your concerns and orders are properly understood and conveyed is to inform your office-moving foreman. He or she will then direct the movers as needed.

Working with members of CRN is a smart choice when it comes to choosing who you want to handle your company’s library move. It requires professional experience, capability, and a ‘ready to serve’ attitude for a successful move; members of CRN have an abundance of each requirement so. Get the great moving experience you deserve with CRN office and library movers.

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