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Why You Should Use Special Crates and Pallets for Your IT Equipment

06/23/2014 2:32 AM | Deleted user

How sensitive is your IT equipment really? Do you have a precise answer to this question? A small fall could cause serious problems, possibly damaging your IT equipment to the point where it is unusable. Here are some tips for using crates and pallets to transport your IT equipment to your new location: 1. Bubble Wrap Everything First You can’t use enough bubble wrap when transporting sensitive electronics. Use 1-2 layers of bubble wrap to insure against damage from a long fall. 2. Use Pallet Stretch Wrap to Wrap Everything Together Tightly Wrapping higher stacks of IT equipment together with plastic keeps the larger stacks from falling. If you load your equipment onto a pallet, stacks could run several feet high. Wrap them tightly, and you won’t have anything to worry about during the transportation process. 3. Keep the Stack Size Small You should only stack your IT equipment about 5 feet high or so. Yes, you can use plastic pallet wrap to secure your equipment and stop it from falling. But if you push the stack too high, it can still fall, even when wrapped. What Specialized Crates and Pallets for IT Moves Do When they’re well-constructed, they keep your stacks of IT equipment balanced so they don’t tumble, fall, and cause thousands of dollars of damage. But you can get pallets that aren’t as sturdily constructed. They’re used for other moving and inventory storage purposes, and it costs less to make them because they use lower grades of lumber. So if you have to move a large amount of IT equipment, make sure the pallets you use are constructed specially for that purpose. You can also just let your CRN team take care of the process for you. Just ask them how the pallets are constructed, and once you learn how they work well for IT moves, you’ll feel fully confident no equipment will be damaged during your move. Remember, everything will go fine with your move if you plan it well and think it through in advance.

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