Setting Up Your Industrial Shelving and Pallet Racking

8 Sep 2014 8:52 AM | Anonymous

If you need to dismantle or assemble your industrial shelving and pallet racking structures, make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment, tools and experienced professionals before you start the job. Working with heavy duty beams and racking can be dangerous if not properly prepared. Be sure to look over the whole project and understand what is involved.

Take a look at the following list to see if you’re missing any of these crucial components to handling industrial racking and shelving:

  • Proper safety equipment or PSE is one of the most important necessities required when working with steel beams and racking. Make sure everyone who will be working on your racking project has a hardhat, work gloves, steel –toe boots, tool belt, proper hand and power tools, blue prints and the appropriate experience.
  • Make sure your crew has an informative instruction manual on how to assemble, dismantle and handle industrial racks and shelving. Without the correct paperwork to guide the process, serious injury or property damage can result.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a mechanical fork truck available to assist with supporting all or part of the racking structure, raise and lower beams and other materials and make the job more manageable and easier all around.
  • Communication is key when building industrial shelving and pallet racks. Often the work area can be noisy and busy, and workers may not hear or see a potential safety hazard around them. Be sure to have caution signs displayed and ensure your crew is tuned in on listening to one another.
  • Experience can be the make or break factor in handling industrial shelving and pallet racks, and having a crew with professional experience and safety in mind is ideal for any project in an industrial workspace.

You could handle your own industrial workspace project or you can choose to work with members of CRN who are masters of their trade and the best in the industry to handle it for you. Working with CRN will ensure your job is done safely, efficiently and right the first time.

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