Laboratory and Lab Equipment Moving Tips

11 Sep 2014 8:42 AM | Anonymous

Laboratories can range from just a single room with minimal furniture and equipment to multiple rooms in multiple buildings comprised of many highly sophisticated machines, equipment and furniture. No matter how small or large your lab room may be there are certain procedures that may be required when relocating your laboratory. You will want to be sure to take all necessary steps to organize your lab move.

If your lab includes robotics, optics tables, heavy machinery, climate controlled units and other sensitive electronics and mechanical assets then you will most likely need to decommission these items according to specific manufacturer guidelines. Follow guidelines precisely because if one piece of equipment is mishandled and offsets other parts of the equipment, the end result can lead to substantial consequences. These following moving tips can help you prepare for your laboratory move:

  • Make sure you log and backup all data to avoid any missed, lost or damaged files before you power down each item to be relocated
  • Have a camera on hand to take pictures of how each item is set up so that in case you need a reference for assembly and reconnection at destination you will have them available
  • Reference each item’s user manual for its decommissioning guide, which you can follow to ensure proper preparation for handling and transportation
  • Secure loose cords, wires or external parts with zip ties and electrostatic bubble wrap to keep them protected and neatly in place. Shrink-wrap can also be used to firmly secure wires, cords and other parts to the equipment that needs to be moved
  • Some machines and other equipment may need to be placed on and secured to a skid prior to handling. You will want to consult with your items’ manufacturer to ensure all necessary steps have been taken when preparing them for moving
  • Keep in mind some of your assets will require professional assistance to prepare for relocation and if you have chemicals or hazardous materials they will most likely require specialized handling and transportation services
  • Create or update your asset inventory list as this would be a great time to do so

Moving laboratories can be a simple process depending on what and how many items need to be moved. In most cases relocating labs will require highly skilled and professional lab movers with both experience and ability to complete the task successfully. If you want the best in the industry to handle your laboratory relocation, than choose to work with CRN.

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