6 Essential Cost Saving Measures when Moving Your Office

11 Sep 2014 8:39 AM | Anonymous

Have you checked your company’s finances lately? There may be some areas where you’re not as efficient as you could be. When you move your office, it’s easy to spend more money than necessary. You have to keep a close eye on your budget as you move. Make sure you have these budget-breakers under control: 

1. Choose the Employee with the Best Project Management Skills 

This tip comes courtesy of the Houston Chronicle. Some employees are natural organizers – put that person as your contact for the move. Their duties can include potentially huge cost-saving measures like negotiating contracts. 

2. Watch out for Hidden Moving Costs… 

Not all office moving costs are obvious line-item expenditures. In a SlideShare presentation, My Office reminds you to be mindful of legal fees like property search fees, stamp duty, and registration. They even go as far as recommending you hire a transition consultant to help you out with your office move. 

3. Downtime 

Inevitably, your office move will include some level of downtime. Do what you can to minimize it. Move during your slow season. Keep tight communication with employees and clients. Move your IT infrastructure during the night (and maybe the weekend too if that’s a slow business time for you). 

4. Plan at Least 9-18 Months Ahead 

Okay, so that’s not always possible in the business world. But if you really want to make the process smooth and as cost-efficient as possible, that’s what this infographic advises. One of the biggest cost savings this allows for is you can get quotes from various movers and negotiate the pricing down. 

5. Watch Your Lease Carefully 

Who’s responsible for maintenance and upgrades? Is that on you or the landlord? What happens if your building suddenly needs a new sprinkler system? What if you need to renovate your bathrooms to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act? The answers to these questions could significantly impact the cost of your office move. 

6. Staff Morale 

Your employees see moving as a time of uncertainty, which causes stress and fear. Now, it’s hard to put a precise value to staff morale and how it affects your bottom line. Experienced moving companies recommend you help your employees feel like they’re part of the decision-making process. The more you communicate with them about the move, the more confident they’ll feel in it. And when they relax and feel confident, they produce more for you. If you don’t do this, consider how a 5-10% drop in productivity would affect your bottom line. 

The Bottom Line… 

Above all, watch all these costs carefully. You could save yourself thousands of dollars by keeping just one of them in check.

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