How To Prepare For Your Lift and Lay Move

25 Sep 2014 8:31 AM | Anonymous

Lift and lay moving services is a relatively newer service that office movers can provide to help you reduce downtime and stress if you need to replace or repair flooring or carpeting. It also saves you money because instead of relocating all of your office furniture out of the workspace to have your flooring serviced, you can simply raise your furniture up and off the floor without moving it.

The lift works by lifting items both big and small vertically off the floor. What do you need to do to prepare for a lift and lay moving service? Here are some suggestions that may help you:

  • Pack all loose items that are prone to falling with little movement. Such items could be a tall flower vase for example or a stack of unevenly placed files
  • If computer equipment wires and cables are piled up on the floor, pick them up and place them on the workstation desk
  • Be sure that lose papers or other important documents and accessories are put up as well to reduce the possibility of shifting or loss
  • Make sure all areas around the workstations or other assets are clear of loose odds and ends that may interfere with the lift or moving personnel. Such items should be packed in boxes and left for movers to relocate
  • Assign someone to ensure all work areas are properly prepared for the office movers who will be providing the lift and lay service

By following the suggestions above you can better prepare for your moving crew’s arrival to lift your furniture. Your movers will be able to set up the lift system and have your office space flooring ready to be serviced in no time. Choose to work with CRN and have experienced and knowledgeable professionals provide this service seamlessly for you.

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