Find Out How to Get Your Employees Relocated Successfully

2 Oct 2014 8:27 AM | Anonymous

Even if it’s moving an employee across town, out of state or overseas, moving can be a big deal. Relocating employees can be a complex process and that can lead to additional stress that you just don’t need. Read on if you want to find out how you can give your employees a great moving experience while reducing potential hassles.

When it comes to employee relocation, there are two parties that are directly involved: you and the employee. For you it’s time, money and paperwork. For the employee it’s boxing up their possessions, leaving it all in someone else’s care, stepping outside of their home environment and saying goodbye to family, friends and coworkers.

The best thing you can do is to get a great moving experience for you and for your employee. Here’s how: find a moving company that specializes in employee relocation. They will often provide better prices and even benefits that other moving companies don’t. Find out about the movers who will be handling your employee’s move. If the driver and his crew are worth their salt and are decent customer service people their company will rave about them. If not, then you probably won’t hear much about the movers and your employee’s moving day may end up as a bad memory.

Be fair if you intend to reimburse or partially contribute to your employee’s moving expenses. Try to get quotes from different reputable movers and compare notes. Don’t just choose the lowest estimate and call it a day. Often moving expenses can end up being a little more than what may be expected. Assuring your employee and yourself that a great moving experience is underway is usually the result of working with the best movers in the industry who work hard and strive for customer satisfaction and not just another paid invoice.

Choose to work with members of CRN and you’ll find the best movers around. They’re professional, knowledgeable, experienced and courteous. What more could you ask for? Offer your employee and yourself peace of mind and go with the movers who end up with five stars for service and customer satisfaction time and again. Employee relocation is a service in its own category. Only experienced movers understand that.

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