Prepare For Your Machinery Move With These Suggestions

9 Oct 2014 8:24 AM | Anonymous

The ease of moving machinery can vary depending on the complexity of the machine that needs to be relocated. It all depends on what type of machine it is and what is involved during the decommissioning process. Such moving projects are best left to machine riggers who are the choice professionals for the job, but there are some things you can do to help prepare for the task.

Everyone knows information is a valuable tool but it can also serve as a protective measure especially when seeking the right riggers for the job. Learn for yourself about the basics for the decommissioning process of your machinery prior to its relocation. Reference your instruction manual or contact the manufacturer to find out. This information will help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting riggers because you’ll know what questions to ask and will also be able to better understand their answers and therefore determine the best fit for your needs.

Simple machines can be serviced quite easily but more complex machines can require a more significant amount of time and effort to service. You may need to backup software and data, secure internal components, remove exterior parts, drain fluids or even breakdown the machine substantially prior to moving. Experienced and knowledgeable machine riggers will be able to provide many of these services but in some cases you may be required to have a certified technician provide such services less the machine’s warranty become void. Check with the manufacturer beforehand to be sure.

It is possible that some machines may require crating and custom skidding services prior to relocation. It makes sense since these services offer greater protection versus using moving blankets or foam inserts. Again, reference your manual or check with your manufacturer to be sure safety protocols are met before your machines are moved. Find out what your riggers plans are in conjunction with what your manufacturer recommends before choosing the appropriate crew to handle your needs.

Take the stress out of the picture completely and choose to work with members of CRN for your machinery moving needs. Experience and knowledge matter when it comes to relocating your valuable assets. CRN only provides the best in industry when it comes to office and industrial moving, packing, crating and rigging professionals.

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