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Labeling Your Office Furniture and Assets

11/14/2014 4:32 AM | Deleted user

Moving office furniture can be a big deal and it really depends on a range of factors to determine the complexity of the job. Such factors can include the number of furniture items needing to be moved, workstation disassembly and re-installation, floor levels needing to be cleared, general access to and from the building and other variables. Regardless, there are things that you can do to help make your office relocation easier.

Begin by taking an inventory of your items that need to be moved. You want to make sure all of your employees receive their correct assets at destination and all other items are properly placed where they belong. Monitors, computers, peripherals and even chairs can easily end up misplaced or in departments and work areas they shouldn’t be. At the end of the move that will only lead to a longer and more costly day and confusion amongst your employees. How do you avoid this? Use labels.

Using labels is a great way to keep things moving seamlessly however keep in mind that incorrectly labeling items is the most common reason pieces end up misplaced. Make sure all labels list the floor level the piece is destined for and the office number or employee’s name. If there are going to be different departments where items will go then consider using multi-colored labels to represent separate areas or departments. Red labels may represent a main lobby for example and blue labels for a supply room. Don’t forget that pieces without labels become problematic and generally end up misplaced.

Labeling is a great way to ensure pieces go where they’re supposed to at destination but what about exact placement? You can use labels to instruct your movers where pieces go precisely in any given area. Take filing cabinets for example; by numerically labeling a set of six filing cabinets in a certain order, your movers will now how to place them in their correct positions and therefore help make things even easier for you and more efficient.

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